The last few years I’ve had an overarching word for the year. A couple of years ago it was EASE, last year it was CONTRIBUTION. This year it is INTEGRATION. Integration can be defined from a couple of angles, one is that integration is combining into wholeness, it can also be seen as a state of living in a way that is in harmony with the environment.
Planting in the garden inspired me to contemplate what it takes to thrive, to flourish and I think really, we are a lot like plants. The elements of space, earth, water, fire, and air need to integrate and be in balance and harmony for the thriving of that plant (or human!)…. For the plant (or us) to thrive there needs to be space first and foremost, space for the possibility of that plant (or human) to grow, there needs to be earth as foundation and nourishment of good food, plenty of water and connection of the roots with a sense of flow, literally we thrive when the rivers of energy, the channels, are clear and free and open, some warmth and sunlight, the spark of inspiration and aspirations, and of course air as the breath we all share, plants and humans. Space, earth, water, fire, air.
Integrating all these elements can bring an experience of wholeness (which is the first definition of integration) and also harmony with the environment of our lives (the second definition). A harmonious integration of the elements is a dynamic and ongoing journey for the dominance of each element varies depending on time of day, season, where we are in our lifespan.
Our practices can be a huge support and a potent tool for a life of integration.