please feel free to sample some of my offerings


Please enjoy these samples of my online classes. These are just a glimpse as each class is part of a ‘journey’. A journey is a series of sessions with an overarching theme for 5 or 10 sessions. Though each session stands alone, it is more potent in the larger context. 

You will also find here some shorter ‘supportive elements’ which are guided mindfulness, meditation, breath, restorative and rest practices, as well as informational videos and ‘spotlight sessions’ which are aimed at particular areas of your body. 

I will change what appears on this page from time to time, so please feel free to check back in here if a little taste is meeting your needs … and please, feel free to contact me with any questions. 

Warmly, Clare

50 minutes: We are continuing our journey exploring the loops of Anusara … today we will focus on shoulder loop. Shoulder loop results in a feeling of expansion and openess in the region of the chest, a gesture of being open to life itself, confident to be present, to contribute, to live life fully. A teacher who has been incredibly influential in my life this year is John Prendergast. He has written two books, ‘In Touch’, and more recently ‘The Deep Heart’. Chapter 9 of The Deep Heart is entitled ‘Is it safe to shine?’ He speaks about how we often feel we need to defend, and we close our hearts. From the non-dual perspective, which our practice has at its foundation, an essential nature that does not need to be protected, that is always safe and always invited to shine.

31 minutes. Coherence … harmony in the systems of our body, integration of the intelligences of head, heart, gut (and maybe fascia too). Start on your back with leg and hip stretches … to hands and knees, stabilise and release … Standing poses using alignment via loops … a few back strengtheners and front body openers (aka backbends) … and rest in the coherent state of harmony. Enjoy.

Enjoy this deep rest, a version of ‘The great rejuvenator’ Viparitta kirani. You will need 3 blankets and a chair, couch, or similar, to put your lower legs on. Please take the full time to deeply rest.

44 minutes. Stirring your inner ocean through circling around feet on a blanket or towel roll, circle your knees, hips, shoulders, core, wrists then enjoy some flow in Moon Salutes. End with a fluid pigeon, twist, rolling wave in bridge pose and rest. Enjoy.

11 minutes Coherence Breathing (6 breaths per minute). 

14 minutes of gentle movement to ease lower back tension.