please feel free to sample some of my offerings


Please enjoy these samples of my online classes. These are just a glimpse as each class is part of a ‘journey’. A journey is a series of sessions with an overarching theme for 5 or 10 sessions. Though each session stands alone, it is more potent in the larger context. 

You will also find here some shorter ‘supportive elements’ which are guided mindfulness, meditation, breath, restorative and rest practices, as well as informational videos and ‘spotlight sessions’ which are aimed at particular areas of your body. 

I will change what appears on this page from time to time, so please feel free to check back in here if a little taste is meeting your needs … and please, feel free to contact me with any questions. 

Warmly, Clare

31 minutes. Coherence … harmony in the systems of our body, integration of the intelligences of head, heart, gut (and maybe fascia too). Start on your back with leg and hip stretches … to hands and knees, stabilise and release … Standing poses using alignment via loops … a few back strengtheners and front body openers (aka backbends) … and rest in the coherent state of harmony. Enjoy.

46 minutes: Cultivating intuition and trusting faith: Letting go of the need for certainty. This is a general practice, weaving in the principle of practicing with ‘soft eyes’ and adding some inversion play. The brain likes to know what is going on by recognising patterns in the world. It likes to feel certain. When we are stressed and holding on to certainty we miss a whole world of knowing that is trustworthy. How then can we hold space for uncertainty and to open to a knowing that is not based on the mind and ‘logic’? Let’s practice, welcoming uncertainty, and the gifts of intuition and insight.

30 minutes of fluid movement to refresh you. Enjoy.

21 minutes: Begin by gently stretching your neck, chest, and upper back to ‘open the doors’ of the ‘temple’ of your body for the honoured guest that is your breath. Support yourself in a gentle passive bridge pose, and sit comfortably for the practice of coherence breathing and alternate nostril breathing. Enjoy.

10 minute video with suggestions for the why, where, when of building your home practice and installing it as a habit.

30 minutes: Start on your back, move to your side, then onto your front, toning the full circumference. Explore breath and cultivation of agni, some standing poses, play with ‘wild thing’ variations … and enjoy the warmth as you rest in savasana.

6 minutes of coherence breathing, a cadence of 6 breaths per minute

50 minute presentation delivered to UTAS August 2021. A mixture of theory and some practice. Enjoy.

11 minute meditaiton exploring the multidimensional heart … physical, emotional, spiritual, and universal.