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neuroscience informed practice course

Fascial Wellness Yoga

 10 session course (28 classes)


When you enrol for the course you will receive immediate access to 28 classes. Ten ‘essential’ shorter and less challenging sessions and ten ‘expansive’ longer and more challenging sessions, and 8 shorter and fairly challenging practices. From the date of purchase you will retain access for a full 3 months. 

Session 1: Neuroplasticity & attending

Session 2: Mind effects body & body effects mind

Session 3: Self-regulation

Session 4: Gunas & the nervous system

Session 5: Revealing Joy

Session 6: Belonging & neuromaps

Session 7: Embodied Intelligence (head, heart, gut, fascia)

Session 8: Hemisphere integration

Session 9: Restoratives 

Session 10: Mirror neurones: Empathy & action