I love supporting others in their lives through offering mentoring, helping them identify key areas of growth and develop business and personal lifestyle skills and habits so they can sustainably thrive in their roles. Whatever your roles might be, I have a keen interest in helping you express your potential in life giving ways.

To date I have worked with Yoga Teachers, Outdoor and Adventure Therapy practitioners, University Staff and Students, Government Department staff and NGO teams.

Since 2020 I have been engaged with the Outdoor and Adventure Therapy fields of practice and design and co-faciliate trainings with Adventure Works Australia. In this role I incorporate principles of holding safe and trustworthy individual and group space for transformative experiences. A vital part of this is offering nervous system regulation information and practices. I am part of the Adventure Works Australia Supervision Collective and very happy to discuss with you the possibility of working together. Here are some of the areas I could potentially assist you with:

  • Personal Practice Framework development
  • Self care practice development for burnout prevention and sustainable practice
  • Program development including protocols for embedding safety in all you do
  • Mapping how you derive meaning in your life and work (through Map of Meaning enquiry)

As a yoga teacher mentor my particular areas of expertise include: Anatomy and biomechanics, Fascial health, Energy (pathways, points, balance, and flow), Therapeutic principles and practice, Nervous system balance (related to stress, depression, anxiety, autoimmune issues), Ayurvedic principles (pertaining to yoga practice and lifestyle choices).

As a business development mentor I can share my personal experiences and learnings from Yoga Studio founding and direction, Teacher Training facilitation, Retreat development and logistics, consultant in workplace wellness and team development.

If you think you would benefit from working with me, we can plan an initial session. It is important that we decide together that I can offer you what you need at this time. Once we know the areas of focus and our starting point, I will then propose a plan for the way forward which we will discuss and go from there.

    Really I cannot thank you enough for the thought and care you put into designing and supervising these mentoring activities for me. I really felt that each of the modules helped me to deepen and grow my understanding of those aspects of the practice that I had identified for development, and I really appreciated the focus and the rigour of the approach that you mapped out, while still keeping things light-hearted and flexible.

    Jo Hall

    Heart in hand

    why do we benefit from mentoring conversations?

    For new facilitators, therapists and teachers their training is a first step in skills development. The information, inspiration, and guidance you receive during your training is assimilated in part during your training and needs to be integrated, assimilated and added to when you take your work into the field. In the early stages of your journey you might realise there is more that you need to flourish in the role and a mentor can help you.

    Mentoring is not just for new practitioners. As experienced practitioners we benefit from the support of others, particularly those who have developed skills in areas we are looking to expand into with our own offerings. We can start to feel stuck in our own practice, use of language, or aspects of delivery. Mentoring can act as a way to identify the blocks and explore a fresh way forward. I believe that as practitioners in any field we need to continually be learning. By working with a mentor you can explore your next growing edge.

    what is mentoring?

    Mentoring is tailored to your individual needs and can include aspects of the following:

    • Providing a listening presence to help you hear your own inner knowing more clearly
    • Offering questions to broaden your perspective and see afresh any challenges you are facing
    • Guidance for your personal practice framework
    • Coaching in sustainable and regenerative lifestyle principles (so you thrive and avoid burnout)
    • Finding your own unique voice and gifts
    • Developing a presence that holds safe and trustworthy space for others
    • Planning meaningful sessions and programs
    • Navigating individual needs of students in a group context 
    • Adapting your skills to individuals, small, large, diverse groups
    • Developing safe, inclusive, effective language in your interactions with others
    • Clarifying your connection to and understanding of your values and ethics in action
    • Scheduling your time and managing your energy 
    • Exploring aspects of business as a sole trader or consultent

    one-on-one mentoring

    How we work together will vary depending on your needs and after our initial session determining what you are wanting and what I might sense you are needing. If appropriate we will both agree to a contract for a way forward which includes duration, frequency, and financial exchange.

    We will begin with a 30 minute session, in person or via zoom. A written follow up will specify my understanding of key points, goals, and will suggest a potential action plan, and metrics for accountability. We will meet for a review and assessment of this together and if we both feel alignment with the way forward it will then serve as the beginning point for the following mentoring session.

      Clare Raffety Yoga Teaching Reviews

      one-on-one mentoring fees

      initial connection

      if we don’t already know one another, here is where we meet to see if I am a good fit for you and your needs

      30 minutes


      planning session

      here is where we discuss your needs and come up with a plan

      1 hr


      subsequent 60 minute sessions

      one hour of focussed time together 

      1 hr


      5 x sessions package

      discounted hourly rate of $60 for 5 sessions of one hour each

      5 x 1 hr