courage work

what is courage work?

Courage work is a common abbreviated term referring to the work informed by The Centre for Courage & Renewal approach. The Centre was founded in 1997 by Parker Palmer and Marcy Jackson and Rick Jackson. The work aims to “nurture supportive communities of reflection and practice to help people come alive with a renewed sense of purpose, build trustworthy relationships, and cultivate the courage to rise to today’s challenges, making a difference within themselves and their communities.”

The work has at it’s foundation ‘touchstones’, principles, and practices to support personal enquiry and safe community spaces to access the ‘inner teacher’, that inner locus of knowing and percieving that we all have.

Since 1998 courage work has been informing my life and my offerings and in early 2022 I began in depth experiential learning with the aim of being endorsed as a Courage & Renewal Facilitator. Having completed the Introductory Program and the Practicum Program I am now in the midst of the Facilitator Preparation Program, and am fortunate to be receiving mentoring from Noela Maletz. I invite you to dive in and discover what this approach has to offer you at this time in your life.

Heart in hand

core values of courage work

  • Integrity
  • Authenticity
  • Diversity
  • Community
  • Courage
  • Love
  • Hope
  • Renewal


Facilitators of Courage & Renewal programs use the ‘Touchstones’ to define clear boundaries, the kinds of boundaries that create safe and trustworthy space. While these Touchstones define how we relate in a C&R program, they can be adapted to support any relationship, workplace, community, or other group where we want to honor the integrity of the individual and build relational trust.

courage work with me and others

Living Questions, Trusting Silence, Embracing Wonder

Circle of Trust Weekend Residential Retreat

with Noela Maletz and Clare at Steeles Island Resort, Carlton, Tasmania.

23 – 25 March 2024