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loops of alignment and action course

Foundations of Yoga

5 session course

In this course, we explore and embody the 7 loops described in Ansuara Yoga. When I first learned this model in the 1990’s it was a game changer for my practice and my life. I continue to share this model in my offerings to others, though these days, often not in this explicit language, and with an aim to encourage an embodied nuanced application in you to meet your own unique needs and structure, remembering that any model is a map and not the territory.
We will explore from the ground up, literally.

This course is for you if:

  • you have done the foundations of yoga course and would like to explore the concept of loops more thoroughly
  • you are curious about alignment ideas that are woven through your yoga journey with me, the ‘loop’ word I occasionally drop in, and woudl like a bigger picture view of how loops relates to one another
  • you are a teacher seeking to add sound principles that apply and serve all those you share the practice with