Aligned Living Tasmania

“What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
– Mary Oliver

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about aligned living tasmania

Aligned living is living with congruence and allegiance to the life force as it moves through you as you. It is remembering that you are whole, wise, and worthy, simply by being, that your contribution is needed and valuable. Aligned living is recognising that the same light that shines in your eyes shines in the world and that what you are seeking is right here, this moment.

    Clare Raffety, Yoga Teacher
    Heart in hand

    yoga journey

    The way I have offered support and guidance for others through yoga is by an invitation to join me on a journey. For over 20 years the majority of participants in my in person classes have enrolled for a 10 session term. This has given us the opportunity to experience the richness of exploring an overarching theme. Feedback over the years has affirmed that this is valuable and helpful so I am inviting you to our ongoing journey in this mode of online recordings.

    yoga courses

    I offer a range of 5 session courses. Each has an overarching focus or theme such as the Foundations Course for those new to yoga or wanting to ground themselves in steady principles for practice, the Fascial Wellness course integrating  contemporary anatomical  knowledge into practice, and more …


    supportive elements

    Relaxation, mindfulness, breath practices, and contemplation are nourishing and supportive, especially in times of change and challenge. Supportive Elements is a  library of 5 – 20 minute guided sessions to re-source yourself.

    teachers & leaders

    What others have said about trainings with me:

    “Such a passionate and relatable teacher. Makes everything understandable and takes care to ensure that everyone is on the same page.” 
    Brisbane workshop participant

    “Thanks again for coming and sharing your amazing knowledge and passion for the anatomy and inner workings of our bodies and how it all relates to Yoga and to our connection with Spirit. You really do shine an incredible light and I am grateful to have spent time with you. What I have learnt from you will definitely go a long way into helping me along my path of learning and growing.” 
    Darwin workshop participant  
    Clare with Yoga books
    Heart rocks


    Learning never ends and people, nature, and our connections are infinitely inspiring. People have often asked me to share the poem I read in class, or the research paper that inspired a session. Here is where this lands. This material is via others and I am so grateful. You will find links to youtube, downloadable PDF’s, informational videos I have made presenting what I understand to be current (this of course is always changing). I hope it will enrich your understanding, inspire you, and add context for your journey.

    notes & news

    responsiveness in practice

    responsiveness in practice

    '    Trees have been deeply woven into my, and our, practice of yoga since I first drew the YFTH tree image in 1993, and then evolved it in 2018 a quarter of a century later. Contemplation of trees and of connectedness has been such a gift. When you observe trees...



        Peonies by Mary Oliver This morning the green fists of the peonies are getting readyto break my heartas the sun rises,as the sun strokes them with his old, buttery fingers and they open ---pools of lace,white and pink ---and all day the black ants climb...

    self regulation for ease & resilience

    self regulation for ease & resilience

      Your bodies stress response is an amazing built-in mechanism to enable you to deal with tough situations and be resilient. We can define resilience as the capacity to prepare for, recover from and adapt in the face of stress, change, challenge or adversity. We...