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elemental yoga course

Elemental Yoga

5 session course

In this course, we explore and embody the elements of Space, Water, Fire, Air and Earth, on a  5 session journey which, as a whole, offers a balance of posture categories, principles, and practice.

When you enrol for the course you will receive immediate access to 10 classes. Five  ‘essential’ shorter and less challenging sessions and five  ‘expansive’ longer and more challenging sessions. From the date of purchase, you will retain access for a full 10 weeks. 

Please explore them all and be mindful that what feels familiar, ‘normal’ and comfortable may be your own flavour of elemental dominance. 

You might feel drawn to repeat the familiar. I invite you to explore what feels opposite to your tendencies, and you may well feel a greater balance and equilibrium.

This course is for you if:

  • you are interested in a yoga journey exploring deeply the elements in you and all around you 
  • you have are curious about your tendencies from an elemental or ayurvedic perspective
  • you sense that the seasons of life, seasons of the year, and daily rhythms can bring imbalances and would like to be empowered to create balance from within