We live in challenging times. Some would say we always have. On a ‘Circle of Trust’ retreat I attended earlier in the year we sat with the possibility of ‘letting it all be true’. Our practice of yoga is such a gift, inviting us to feel and be present with what is. Our bodies really do, as Krista Tippet says, tell us the truth of our lives. Can we take in the incredible beauty of of the world as we witness the emergence of spring, and also the great despair of the world when we turn on the news. Can we be with one another in these places of raw human experience in such a way that our social engagement system is awakened and we find some soothing and capacity to simply be present and open and loving and compassionate … and to do ‘what is ours to do’. Let’s practice my friends, and that practice can be as simple as one conscious breath. 

Allow by Danna Faulds

There is no controlling life.

Try corralling a lightning bolt, containing a tornado.

Dam a stream and it will create a new channel.

Resist, and the tide will sweep you off your feet.

Allow, and grace will carry you to higher ground.

The only safety lies in letting it all in –

the wild and the weak; fear, fantasies, failures and success.

When loss rips off the doors of the heart, or sadness veils your vision with despair,

Practice becomes simply bearing the truth.

In the choice to let go of your known way of being,

the whole world is revealed to your new eyes.