This weeks suggested practice on our Yoga Journey is a the last in our Neuroscience Informed Practice series and is about the incredible phenomena of mirror neurones.

I had a teacher who once said, “you are the company you keep, so keep good company.” I have reflected on this over the years, in being in the company of people who have been steeped in practice and embody it. Being around such people rubbed off on me and assisted my own practice in many ways, ways that were physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. 

A gift of the Covid Pandemic has been access to teachers online who would not otherwise be online, but instead be travelling and teaching in person. I have, over the last 2 years been studying with John Prendergast, author of ‘The Deep Heart’. Being in his virtual presence has been transformative and affirming.

I invite you to pause and reflect:

What are you choosing to be influenced by?

Who are you influencing and how?

How might the magic of mirror neurones positively play out in your life?