Practice Focus: 

Duration: 27 minutes

Level: 2/3







A short practice, with full back bend as the peak pose. For a slower paced lead in, check out the longer ‘Expansive’ practice. For a gentler, shorter class, look to ‘Essential’.
Focus on front opening (aka back bending) keeping strength of connection to the back body. Last week we looked at the autonomic nervous system responses with the 3 modes. This week we tie these 3 modes yoga philosophy of the gunas and the alignment principles of shoulder loop and kidney loop.
Pushing forward … activate … guna: rajas … shoulder loop without kidney loop
Falling back … restrain … guna: tamas … kidney loop without shoulder loop
Stay in the middle. Balance … illuminate … guna: sattva … balanced action of the loops … being able to respond, to go forward, to rest back, at the appropriate time and in the appropriate measure. Living with a soft open front, strong steady supportive back.