yoga journey – October – December 2021

Our first 5 sessions of this season are inspired by trees, how we are similar, and what we can learn from them. Enjoy.

week 4:

Prakasha & Vimarsha

Yoga philosophy has the beautiful concept of prakasha (the light of consciousness) and vimarsha (the re-presentation of that light as each unique form of life including each one of us) … the light that we are is the light that we see in it’s many forms and also the light be which we see. In this session we use the wall to support and invite the flow of light through us, as us. Take your spine through all of its 5 movments. End with your legs up the wall in rest. Enjoy.

week 3:

Roots of Connection

The tree image that became Yoga from the Heart logo, and now Aligned Living logo has its root system as extensive as what is seen above the ground. The root system connects offers unseen support and stability needed to weather the winds and challenges. I feel our practice is like a root system. Today we’ll explore the balanced strength and length of our psoas, feeling deeply connected, to the earth, and to others … interweaving our deep roots and feeling a sense of safety and stability. Enjoy

week 2:

Filled with Light

This session is inspired by a Mary Oliver poem. I love that she refers to both the tree and us as humans are filled with light. In this practice we invite the light, prana, through our breath as we make space by freeing tension in out shoulders and upper back. We incorporate shoulder loop and skull loop principles. My intention is that this practice leaves you shining brightly. Enjoy.

week 1:


Our practice is an ongoing invitation to listen and respond…  I invite you to be present with your practice like the call and response of a chanting practice. You receive an invitation from the sequence offered, and you modify, respond, and practice, like sharing your true authentic voice in the moment.
… so please let this practice meet you where you are, at this point in your live, on this day.