Practice Focus: Shoulders

Duration: 29 minutes

Level: 2/3







Niyati: This kanchuka is about space. We can so often feel contracted and limited in space. With COVID 19 restricting people in physical spaces they can go, with contractions in our bodies making us feel bound and less free to move in space, with restrictions in travel, this veil can seem dense for many of us … even to the point of feeling confined and trapped. The tradition says that pure being doesn’t have a distinct location with a defined center or boundary. It’s a boundless field of presence. It’s everywhere and nowhere specific.
In our practice today we will take a deep dive into a very common area we feel bound, which is the shoulders. Through freeing up our shoulders we quite literally feel more spacious in our chest, and less limited in our interaction with the world through movement. We feel less pain and enjoy more freedom and space.