On Sunday I offered the Embodied Anatomy workshop and on Wednesday began a new Foundations of yoga course for beginners. One of the things I really hope to help us all recognise in these offerings and in our ongoing classes, is that we are unique in their own form and that our practice, to really serve us best needs to be authentic and true to ourselves. This means we are invited to embrace who we are and let go of who we think we are supposed to be.

I love that our yoga offers universal principles of alignment that we each apply, the amount of action we might need in one principle might be more, or less than someone else. It is like having the same ingredients and producing our own unique recipe. How do we know what is right for us? We learn to feel it and to trust our experience of it.

For every action, according to Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion (Law of Reaction), there is an equal and opposite reaction. Due to gravity, we constantly maintain contact with the ground, and in this process, there occur interactions between the body and the ground. The reaction force supplied by the ground is specifically called the ground reaction force (GRF), which is basically the rebound force of the earth upward. It brings a feeling of lightness and ease. It feels as though we are connected to a bigger energy and that the energy is supporting and uplifting us.

In yoga small muscular actions called bhandas are described and these are said to create a kind of a trampoline effect for energy in the body. One key one is at the base of the spine in the floor of the pelvis. It is called Mulabhanda and the actions are naturally awakened alignment of the pelvis. We each need to find the balance of actions to optimise the uprising energetically from the base of the spine … and that is what week 1 classes at Yoga from the heart were all about.