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Thank you for checking out this new home for your yoga journey recordings. 

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You will have full access to our current journey, as well as a gift from me of access to the newly recorded ‘foundations of yoga’ course (available as a separate 5 session course for $75).

Our virtual kula (community of the heart), has been practicing together for some time now, and there are two past seasons available to you if you would like you are able  to ‘upgrade’ your membership from ‘seed’ to ‘root’ (one past season access where our focus was neuroscience informed practice) or seed to ‘leaf’ (two past seasons access, neuroscience informed practice and fascial wellness and elemental yoga from two seasons ago).

To access more content please go to the yoga journey area and register from there. Cost for each past season access is $15 for 3 months for each season … an offering from my heart to yours.

This unfolding journey is an invitation home to yourself, revealing, and embodying your innate potential to thrive, connect, and contribute.


Warmly, Clare