The week of the spring equinox, one of the two equinoxes in the year where length of daylight and length of night are balanced. It is a tipping point, a pause, as we move into the time of year that is dominated by light. This week we honoured the pause through firstly moving and clearing and refreshing in active practice and then resting deeply in restoratives.
We often frame things as being the absence of what they are not. It changes our perspective when we think of what they are the presence of.
Wellness, for example we can view as more than the absence of dis-ease, we can reframe it as the presence of vitality
Rest we can view as much more than the absence of work, we can reframe it as that vital and necessary time spent refreshing, rebooting, recalibrating on the level of body, mind, and heart.
Rest is part of being active, productive, and having endurance. Rest restores us and gives us resilience and recharges us so we can do our work in the world.
When we are well rested we are more likely to be inspired and have creative ideas and rest can allow our subconscious to problem solve.
For most of us we don’t have vacant time blocks to allocate to rest, so we need to recognise its importance and make it happen. We need to consciously detach from the busy-ness of our days and REST.
There is nothing to do but rest