As the year comes to an end at the studio, things wrap up, schools break for the holidays the pace picks up and there is a lot of stress in the air. Taking the time to pause is invaluable. The Kanchukas in yoga philosophy are the cloaks obscuring the truth of who we are. Kala is the cloaking our timeless nature, our presence that is beyond our concept of limited, linear time. Kala results in us feeling bound by time and as though we don’t have enough time.
Our practices of yoga help us remember our nature as pure being, beyond the bounds of time.
Yoga speaks of a stillpoint, a pause, a space.

Summer Solstice

The In a 2009 Yoga Journal article Sally Kempton wrote:
“The one who is not busy lives in the space between every breath, in the space between each thought. In the space between the end of one action and the beginning of the next, we can merge into the source of all action: the still point between the turning worlds. Known in Sanskrit as the madhya, the ‘center point’ or the ‘gap,’ this doorway into spaciousness arises in every moment. We just don’t normally notice it.”
Our practice was mostly Restorative Yoga this week. Inviting the pause.