Practice Focus: Core

Duration: 30 min

Level: 1

A condensed version of the ‘Expansive’ class with revolved triangle as your peak pose and nice supine twist at the end. Apologies for the background sound … a bit of a tech issue with my mic on this one. Twists are wonderful for clearing, literally clearing the tissues, clearing limited movement and postural patterns, moving lymph, bringing us home to our central axis, inner compass, inner joy, giving us a wider view … so many benefits.

My understanding is that yoga allows us to let go of what is in the way of experiencing the qualities of our essence, our deepest selves. One of these qualities is Ananda, joy. A joy that is independent of external factors. Aristotle referred to this abiding, inner experience as Eudaimonia (u-day-monia). Studies have shown that Eudaimonic well-being is linked to many health benefits such as: reduction in perceived loneliness; decreased inflammation; improved immunity; better mental health; and a longer and happier life … these benefits correlate with increased ventral vagal tone which yoga has been shown to do.

So …lets reveal joy in our practice today. En-joy.