UTAS Advanced Leadership for Guiding Transformation

Professional Practice Pathway


Here you will find rescources for developing mindfulness, self awareness and self-regulation as integrated in your UTAS program. Feel free to contact me with any questions or feedback. I will add to this library as your program unfolds. 

Warmly, Clare

13 minute audio recording of creating a clearing in your experience … allowing a wider perspective and inviting your inner knowing when dealing with an issue, dilemma, or difficulty.

48 minute presentation on self-regulation and co-regulation, weaving in both theory and practice.

8 minute mindfulness practice, sit or lie down and simply attend to your breath and find your way home to a steady centre inside.

15 mindfulness body scan practice. Lie down and enjoy a journey with your awareness around your body.

6 minute body sensing practice.

8 minute practice of counting your breaths.

5 minute mindfulness practice focussed on a natural object.

5 minute mindfulness of walking practice.

8 minute practice with focus of awareness on what you hear.

5 minute mindfulness practice focussed on your sense of taste.

5 minute practice connecting with an inner safe sanctuary.

6 minute practice of diaphragmatic breathing.

11 minutes of coherence breathing cadence of 5 – 6 breaths per minute.

8 minutes to simply lie down and rest.

15 minute breath sensing practice.

15 minute practice focussing on your sense of hearing.

13 minutes of Restorative Rest: Enjoy this deep rest. You will need 3 blankets and a chair, couch, or similar, to put your lower legs on. 

14 minutes of stretching and strengthening to ease lower back tension and pain.

5 minutes of heart focused breathing for nervous system coherence.

5 minutes of heart focussed breath with focus on a regenerative feeling.