What is the story for our upcoming autumn online yoga journey?

First 5 session series explores the stories we live, tell ourselves, and live by. We are by nature meaning makers and meaning seekers, puzzle makers and puzzle solvers, story tellers and story listeners. This series has been inspired by my pondering of the importance of story.  Sessions are informed by my recent re-introduction to Joseph Campbell’s ‘The Hero’s Journey’ (an archetypal story lived by all of us, many times over), and the stories we literally carry in our bodies, minds and hearts. These stories profoundly effect our experience of life, our sense of the world, and our vision for the future. STORY conveniently has 5 letters, and with some musing I have created a story about STORY. Each letter a dive into some aspect, or view, or actual story from the Yoga Tradition. It is, like all good stories, revealing itself in the telling, here’s how it goes … 

S = Spacious … notice the background story … make room for the unexpected 

T = Telling is creating. What story are we telling ourselves? … and how does it effect our physiology

O = Open … to being surprised. We are more than we think. We have greater capacity than we think. Let me tell you a story about a monkey-god who leapt over the sun 

R = Refresh. Like refresh on your computer takes care of assumptions it makes we need to refresh ourselves. What are we missing? A cautionary and celebratory tale about underestimating a many limbed goddess.

Y = You. You are your own ally and resource in every moment on your, often challenging, journey, your ‘hero’s journey’

and so we will begin … 

S = spaciousness. Stories live in us, often in the background, unseen and unheard, yet playing out on the stage of our lives. In our first session I invite you to notice, really notice, with the help of the wall as a steady friend, where the holding habits lie, where strength shows itself, and where it hides, undeveloped. When we pull the curtains back, we can often make more sense of things, and gradually, or suddenly, let go of stories that have had their time on the big screen, and invite them to fade, though not losing the moral of the story and it’s gifts.