I love the idea yoga offers that we are light in form. Prakasa is the source light and Vimarsha the power by which we know ourselves (and everything else) as a unique expression of that light. I had a teacher liken this idea to the light that shines through a crystal, it is the same light, and with many different shapes and facets of unique crystals, what we see is unique. Through our practice (of yoga, meditation, or whatever brings you home to yourself) we can become more aware of the light that creates and sustains everything.

There are things that remind us that it is the same light that pervades everything, things that remind us of the foundational connectedness and wholeness of which we are a part. This Sunday is Gurupurnima, the full moon in July, when we honour that which reminds us and reflects to us this sense of light in ourselves and the world. These things are expressions of the guru principle that is in us and around us. The guru principle could be in anything, a sunrise, a piece of music, the laugh of a child, a hug from a friend, a poem. On gurupurnima the power of the guru principle is said to be 1000 times stronger so get around what reminds you, play your favourite music, taste exquisite food, move in ways that have you feel fabulous, breathe, take in the sunrise, or sunset, or both. Be the guru principle for someone else. We can all be reminders to one another. Shine on!