Recently I attended a workshop in Melbourne exploring the Scaravelli approach to yoga. It inspired practicing with wonder and curiosity, feeling the postures as a resting into the earth … really resting … really, really resting into the support of the earth to feel a corresponding lightness and ease. I also got to attend a couple of classes, one of which was a restorative session at Reconnect YOGA that further reminded me of the wonder and power of our simple practices of letting go resulting in renewal, freshness, and wonder. Every practice can offer us this.

To explore previously unexplored territory takes courage and invites us to stay curious and generous. Parker Palmer’s work I have found to be so valuable in so many ways. He has outlined the ‘Circle of Trust’ process. One of the touchstones of the process is:

 “When the going gets rough, turn to wonder.”

Turn from reaction and judgment to wonder and compassionate inquiry.

How about that for a way to live?

Mary Oliver