I find it a wondrous thing that our bones do not touch each other! We occupy the contained space created by compression and tension. Fascia adapts to how we use our bodies, if we sit for long periods our fascia forms tension patterns, if we spend a lot of time with our head forward our fascia will thicken and stiffen on the back of the shoulders, if we run, or swim, or bike a lot we create strengthening in tensional pathways. I have been thinking of this lately as I’ve been running more than usual. I came to yoga at a time when I ran pretty much daily. I was really, really bound in my body. A forward bend was impossible, my shoulders were carried forward and often painful. Yoga changed that and over time I did more and more yoga and less and less running. Getting back more to running has reminded me of how my activity changes the tension/compression form of my body and reminds me of the incredible value yoga practice offers and the benefits to body, mind and emotions.When we change our shape, we change our state, feeling more comfortable, connected, positive, confident, and open. I love to share the practices that help others thrive!