With fires here in the south of Tasmania, and floods in the north, water has been on the minds of many of us … and Wednesday’s Foundations of Yoga course became a celebration of water as the rain finally fell.
Water is universal.
Water connects us across time and space.
We are around 70% water. The surface of earth is around 70% water. Our fascia, connective tissue is 70% water. 
Even our bones are 31% water.
The water in us and around us is constantly cycling and stagnation and lack of movement is destructive to life. 
Just as we need water and we need it to flow in the outer environment so too we need it to flow in our inner environment. 
In yoga our fluid body changing shape, the flow of rivers in the body are optimised. Fluency of movement is essential for the wellbeing of our joints and to keep the body tissues healthy, clear, and functioning well. MaintainIng the fluid sliding and gliding of the connective tissue prevents pain and limitation. Let’s keep fluid and fluent.

Mary Oliver