Pratyabhijna hrdayam: The sutra from the philosophical school emphasizing recognition of the heart … 20 sutras, the first 9 speak about the universal and in sutra 10 Carlos Pomeda says is a pivotal point where we understand that we are creating our experience. We perform the 5 acts (just as Shiva does). This is empowering. We get to choose … even with the things that are presented to us that we didn’t choose personally, we do get to choose how we respond and frame it for ourselves.

We can choose what we take in … we choose what we eat, what we watch, read, listen to, we choose the things we surround ourselves with, the people we spend time with. All these choices have an impact on the life we create, how it is sustained, and eventually  how it will dissolve. We can choose practices that help us remember that we do have a choice, and through practice, what I have noticed in myself and others is that the things that don’t contribute positively to well being of myself and others fall away, that the river of Grace moves me in directions that are life enhancing.