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Having informally offered what I now realise can be named Generative Inner Work Coaching over the years, and studying a process framework with Marvin Oka, I now feel this is something valuable to share if we, together, feel it is appropriate. Generative Inner Work Coaching is less about performance, behaviour, or personal development and more about consciousness and transformation. It is for you if you are seeking:

  • congruent, authentic self-expression
  • meaning, purpose and fulfilment
  • or are questioning your true identity, values or beliefs during some type of transition

Once you have identified the issue, you are invited into a state of coherence in your nervous system, an inner state of balance, where you can more easily and safely step back, sense the vastness and wider perspective that is always available, rest into your connection to Source, as Source. Your inner compass and knowing will be your guide as you step back in, with new awareness, and deep transformational change naturally comes along, back into your thinking, doing, and being. 

    Heart in hand

    if the above is of interest to you …

    Feel free to contact me. We can then arrange a time to have a short conversation at no cost to you to see if this what I am able to offer is a match for your needs.

    coaching fees

    initial conversation

    by phone, skype, or zoom

    15 min

    no cost

    subsequent sessions

    by phone, skype, or zoom

    1 hr